Resident Health Card Solution


As a type of IC card to facilitate residents to enjoy medical services, resident health card meets the need of health information storage and can achieve self-registration, self-payment and self-inquiry. Resident health card is universal and open in the field of health. While maintaining the main functions of medical applications, the card can be integrated with other public service cards such as citizen card and finance card to form a convenient and practical multi-purpose card.



While improving hospitals’ registration and payment efficiency and reducing their operating costs, the application of resident health card increases the comfort in seeking medical service and greatly improves the hospital’s social image.

Main Functions



Establishing resident health archives

Storing EMR (electronic medical records)

Extended functions: financial applications, medical spending, self-registration and self-payment

Resident Health Card Issuing System


Resident health card issuing system consists of front-end data collection terminal, fabrication system and card management system.


Data Collection Terminal

The mobile terminal uses wireless communication technology and integrates banking business, various financial applications, IC card reader, fingerprint recognition, second-generation ID card reading and other functions. It also provides multiple peripheral interfaces and enhances product’s extension capacity.


Card Fabrication System

IC card fabrication system adopts advanced computer network technology to conduct strict management to such elements as personnel, data, equipment, card and process in the process of card fabrication and issuing, which fundamentally eliminates the potential risks in card fabrication and issuing. Meanwhile, the process management mode significantly improves the working efficiency.

Card Management System

Card management system mainly manages card distribution, usage, loss report, replacement, cancellation, etc. It facilitates card issuing department to conduct track management in whole process of the distribution, usage and recycling of the card.

Key Management System

The key management system of resident health card consists of three parts: symmetric root key management system, asymmetric root key management system and SAM card key management system. Key management system is mainly responsible for the certificate application, issuing and management of issuing organs and SAM card as well as the development and maintenance of symmetric root key management system strategies, the management and maintenance of system root key, key generation, key storage, key distribution, key backup, key update and key recovery.


Features of Chip

High-performance 8 bit CPU Core
ISO/IEC 7816、ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
Supporting DES、3DES and RSA algorithms.  


Successful stories


In total, over 60 million pieces issued;
Issued provinces and Cities includes: Henan province, Xinjiang province, Erdos of Inner Mongolia, Jinzhou of Liaoning, Foshan of Guangdong, Wuzhou of Guangxi and so on.