Mobile Payment


SWP-SIM card is a built-in type card for mobile phones. It forms potable payment environment through combining multi-application security with mobile communication technology. Adopted with 13.56 MHz radio frequency technology, the SIM card can communicate with NFC mobile phones via SWP protocol and achieve Near Field Pay as POS payment does.

Product Features:

  • Support feed mode
  • Support three modes including card emulation, point-to-point and reader mode
  • Support JAVA CARD 3.0.1 and GP 2.2.1, as well as application safe downloading
  • Support accessing to client-end applications on mobile phones via GPAC interface
  • Comply with EAL5+ financial security standard


RF-SIM Full Card

RF-SIM Full card is a secured SIM card built with RF function. It integrates the financial processor with independent RF channel and conducts man-machine interaction, information communication and background processing. Business activities of mobile payment, phone recharge, fund transfer and portable shopping can be easily transacted just by exchange of the SIM card on mobile device.

Product Features:

  • Conduct mobile payment easily though exchange of the SIM card on mobile phone
  • Security chip and completely independent RF channel


Dual-interface SIM Card

The mobile payment solution of dual-interface SIM card use 13.56 MHz communication frequency band. Its main advantage is that users can simply complete mobile payment by using a contactless reading SIM card without replacing another mobile device. In addition, the card contains high capacity and works simultaneously with two interfaces.

It supplies with two product types – external radio antenna and internal radio antenna (13.56 M full card)

Product Features:

  • Complete mobile payment without substituting the mobile phone
  • High capacity and simultaneously operating with two interfaces
  • Support various types of contactless card reading needs



SWP-SD card is a remote/proximity payment product designed for the mainstream smart phone platform. Featured with smart and mass storage of SD technology, SWP-SD card applies multi-functional mobile payment through utilization of high-performance and low-power consumption Security Chip.

Product Features:

  • Access via SD protocol and support all mobile platforms
  • Completely support SWP channel and HCI protocol
  • Built-in true random number generator
  • Support concurrent access of on-card files and smart card
  • Automatic shift to low-power consumption when out of operation
  • Support DES, 3DES, RSA algorithm