Data Encryption Pal

Data encryption pal launches full-hardware encryption to uplink and downlink data on data path via built-in high-speed encryption algorithm and proprietary PIPE LINE mechanism. The interconnecting device can connect PC on the upstream and various mobile storage devices downstream. The content stored to various storage devices through the interconnecting device is cryptograph. The product features exquisite appearance and high portability and can be used by users of different industries and with security demand.


Product Features (personal edition):

  • Realize data encryption of mobile storage media such as a U disk, drive-free, plug-and-play
  • Support dynamic adjustment to storage capacity in public area and encrypted area
  • Support real-time hardware transparent encryption and decryption of data
  • Support PIN identity authentication


Product Features (online edition):

  • Encrypted cannot work when detached from authorized network area
  • Support computer’s read-in of U disk within authorized network area, and read-in of cipher text
  • Support hierarchical storage of files
  • Support PIN code and PKI identity authentication techniques, ensuring an extremely high level of security