Secure Storage Chip


Secure storage chip adopts domestically-developed 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, integrates with SM1 (256), SM2, SM3 and AES (256) algorithms, and supports the dual protection throughout identity authentication and data encryption and decryption. Having passed the authentication by State Cryptography Administration, the chip has abundant interface resources, supports SATA2.0 controller master-slave interface and USB2.0 controller master-slave interface, and supports mass storage devices such as U disk, hard disk. The series products which are developed on the basis of the Secure storage chip are possessed of such technical characteristics as high security, high performance, high compatibility, dual-factor dynamic identity authentication, and partitioned encryption. The international top-level SM1/AES 256-bit secret key is adopted for high-strength encryption, data are stored in the form of “cipher text”, and users need PIN code, U-key or PKI network identity authentication for secure access to stored data, with controllable access authority.


Product Features

  • High Performance: Independently developed 32-bit high-performance processor is adopted to realize high-speed encrypted and decrypted data transmission
  • High Security: Integrate SM1 (256), SM2, SM3 and AES (256) cryptographic algorithm. Integrated true random number generator
  • High Compatibility: Several storage interfaces such as integrated SATA and USB2.0 controller