Fuel Card System Solutions


Solution Description

Fuel card system is a comprehensive system solution based on a combination between hardware and software. With smarter refueling IC card as media, it realizes the electronic payment, transaction data automatic collection, transaction data analysis and fuel card life cycle management chiefly by means of pre-payment. It targets such clients as operators, gas stations, individual customers and corporate customers. The services provided by fuel card system include:


Fuel card system can help operators expand oil sales network, strengthen operator enterprises management and enlarge market share. Fuel card system provides operators with such functions as business management, fabrication management, inventory management, system management, card services, financial management and receipt management.

Gas Stations

Gas station is the most basic retail point, so its main function is to upload the daily transaction record to the backstage system. Moreover, it also covers customer management, business inquiry, card services, financial management and other functions. Hereinto, customer management business also covers vehicle fuel management, for example:

1) Limit the types of the oils filled by vehicles

2) Limit daily refueling times, refueling amount per time and total oil refueling per day; units can conduct setting in accordance with the situation of oil use by vehicles

3) License-plate-limited oil refueling, oil station limited oil refueling and other functions

Corporate/ Individual Customers

Fuel card system provides customers with flexible oil refueling method, getting around changing and invoicing formalities and improving working efficiency; it can provide customers with convenient pre-payment, loss reporting, query and other functions; it also provides customers with convenient and quick refueling services. Fuel card system provides customers with a variety of types of fuel cards, including corporate cards, personal cards, anonymous cards and VIP cards.

Design Principles


1) Real-time uploading of consumption data

2) Real-time download of activation list and blacklist

3) Real-time data acquisition of consumption data

4) Real-time backup of consumption data


FCS will establish fuel card key system with tight security authentication mechanism to ensure that every transaction is true, safe and reliable. Meanwhile, the sensitive data in the card is encrypted to protect customers’ personal information.


Consumer terminal can be upgraded via the network.


It effectively saves labor costs and operating costs.


It supports the expansion of value-added services.


It supports multiple recharging ways, and the ways of recharging at recharging outlets include artificial recharge and self-recharge.

1) Recharging at service platform

2) Recharging at recharging outlets

l  Artificial recharge

l  Self-recharge

Characteristics and Advantages

Economic Benefits

1) Improve the operator’s information management level, and help to improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase revenue;

2) A statistical analysis on consumption data provides operators with accurate data basis for their operational decisions and helps them improve operational efficiency;

3) Prepayment is adopted to accelerate the flow and turnover of funds and achieve the purpose of funds precipitation;

4) If extended to other industries, there are other investment returns, such as transaction fees, agency fees, interest income on funds precipitation, revenue of value-added services, operating income of industrial cooperation, etc.

Social Benefits

1) It facilitates customer travel. It can effectively shorten transaction time and improve service quality;

2) It can improve city’s comprehensive service capabilities. Daily consumption information will provide personal consumption, business operation and city management with multi-faceted data analysis and decision making;

3) It can reduce the volume of cash transaction, help speed up cash flow rate and avoid counterfeit money, worn coin and waste money.