Smart City Heating System Solutions


The smart city heating system solutions is a comprehensive, highly integrated and low-cost industry solution for heating power companies of different provinces and cities. Using Internet of Things, sensors and industrial control technologies, it is aimed to help those companies solve problems in the central heating systems including lagging payment, high energy consumption, difficulty in monitoring and high maintenance costs via smart card prepayment and with various kinds of monitors and regulating devices.

Considering the characters of the heating power industry, the solution provides three major functions including prepayment, smart control and heating metering. It has many systems and devices for metering and regulating of heat exchange stations and smart heating utilization and metering of users. It launches in-depth exploration to important data with server groups and forms in-depth energy consumption analysis and forecast for convenience of operation and management of heat suppliers. It can also improve asset turnover of companies and provide an effective technology platform for energy saving, emission reduction and delicacy management.