SIM Card


SIM Card:

Beijing Huahong supplies a full range of smart card products and solutions, covering mobile terminals running within GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G and 5G network. The package was designed with innovative chip technology to appeal to the mobile users who have various levels of demand. Products include but not limited to SIM card, UIM card, USIM card and LTE card which support OTA/OTA2/OTA3 of major Telecom carriers, Super Phonebook, SMS and extended functions. Combining with NATIVE and JAVA card availability, they offer users with a wide variety of value-added and personalized services. Encapsulation can be taken in many forms including 3FF/4FF.

These products attach with independent intellectual property rights. The series can be chosen in ordinary SIM card type with massive user capacity from 16K to 1.5M.