Mobile Business Terminal

Mobile Business Terminal (refer as MBT) is a portable hub for business handling. The device integrates high-tech of wireless communication, identity authentication, biometric recognition and smart card technology into one. Portability is the key to help the market exploration free from the restriction of fixed outlet location and create a new business channel. MBT would play an effective role of releasing business from cumbrance caused by absence of coverage in remote area, service inadequacy on fixed business premises and even the lack of customized services to certain stakeholder. MBT would provide more thoughtful, convenient and personalized door-to-door services for target customers like VIPs and be widely applied in industries such as finance, insurance, securities and energy, etc. Therefore the MBT brings the cutting-edge revolution for organization especially financial institutions to optimize the opportunity on business development.


Product Features:

  • Features compact, portability and high security with diversified business application integration
  • Customization availability. Compatible with external devices to provide tailored services. The terminal functions 3G network connection, 2nd generation identity examination, fingerprint identity authentication, smart card read-write and certificate printing etc.
  • Security assurance. Multiple security solutions assure total protection. The system involve a full set of safeguard actions including safety system logon, system disk protection, 3G network security, encrypted data storage, data communication encryption, remote command control and real-time monitoring etc, ABST would guarantee security and reliability of the system and customer transaction data.