Dynamic Token

Dynamic token is off-line identity authentication equipment based on dynamic password and real time synchronization technology. It supports both Synchronous dynamic password and challenge-response models to provide easier and safer anti-fraud protection for account security. It efficiently safeguards the business course from login, ID authentication to transaction made. The token effectively prove the identity electronically and prevent the damage to users’ interest from all sorts of attacks like malicious intrusion and sabotage. The combination of hardware token and background software systems build a simple, safe and stable remote authentication solution for customer. Now our dynamic token has been extensively applied in the areas such as internet banking, web game, telecom operator and e-government etc.


Product Features:

  • Generate Time-synchronized one-time passwords and challenge response password and allow input length be customized (6-8 digits)
  • Customized time interval
  • Anti-tamper, waterproof, shock proof and anti-static design
  • Generate dynamic password randomly through various combinations produced by a cryptographic algorithm
  • Support OATH algorithm
  • Support PIN code protection
  • Generate challenge response password relative to the input information, with anti-tamper function
  • Prevent attacks from illegal programs without external interface attachable
  • Hardware protection prevents internal data exportable. Anti-tamper function trigger sensitive data self-destruct when attack occur
  • Each token with unique key built in key length of up to160 digits
  • Support secondary injection from disclosure of Token seed during production