Payment Card

Payment card is a type of IC cards providing functions with deposit & withdraw, funds transfer, credit account and payment settlement etc. It supports credit & debit, e-cash and micro-payment applications. Featured with multi-application and high security, it is an intelligent product that combines the traditional banking with cross-industry micro-payment system seamlessly. It functions in both financial payment and public service sectors and realizes cross-platform facility.

Product Features:

  • Meet ISO/IEC 7816
  • Meet UnionPay IC Card Technical Specifications
  • Succeed the function and safety test by UnionPay Bank Card Test Center
  • Support multi-industry application downloading, installation and deleting
  • Support contact, contactless, dual interface and other types of capsulation  
  • Support multi-user storage capacity
  • Support optional algorithms: DES, 3DES, RSA, SHA
  • Support credit & debit, e-cash and micro-payment applications